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Selected Publications in Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
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Review Articles and Book Chapters

G. Jeffrey Snyder and Eric S. Toberer "Complex Thermoelectric Materials" Nature Materials 7, 105-114 (2008). Republished in "Nanoscience and Technology A Collection of Reviews from Nature Journals" Nature Publishing Group (2010)

E. S. Toberer, A. F. May and G. J. Snyder ”Zintl Chemistry for Designing High Efficiency Thermoelectric Materials” Chemistry of Materials, 22, p624 (2010)

D.L. Medlin and G.J. Snyder "Interfaces in Bulk Thermoelectric Materials" Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 14, 226 (2009)

Susan M. Kauzlarich, Shawna R. Brown and G. Jeffrey Snyder "Zintl phases for thermoelectric devices" Dalton Transactions 2007, 2099 (2007).

G. J. Snyder, "Small Thermoelectric Generators" Interface, Fall 2008, p54.

Snyder, G. J. "Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting" Chapter 11 in "Energy Harvesting Technologies" S. Priya, & D. Inman, Eds (2008).

Snyder, G. J. "Thermoelectric Power Generation: Efficiency and Compatibility" Chapter 9, CRC Handbook on Thermoelectrics. (2005)

Thermoelectric NanoMaterials

Yanzhong Pei, Jessica Lensch-Falk, Eric S. Toberer, Douglas L. Medlin, and G. Jeffrey Snyder “High Thermoelectric Performance in PbTe due to Large Nanoscale Ag2Te Precipitates and La Doping” Advanced Functional Materials (2010)

Ø. Prytz, A. E. Gunnæs, O. B. Karlsen, T. H. Breivik, E. S. Toberer, G. Jeffrey Snyder, J. Taftø “Nanoscale inclusions in the phonon glass thermoelectric material Zn4Sb3” Philosophical Magazine Letters (2009)

T. Ikeda, V. A. Ravi, and G. J. Snyder " Formation of Sb2Te3 Widmanstätten precipitates in thermoelectric PbTe" Acta Materialia 57 p. 666 (2009).

T. Ikeda, L. Collins, V. A. Ravi, F. Gascoin, S. M. Haile and G. J. Snyder "Self-Assembled Nanometer Lamellae of Thermoelectric PbTe and Sb2Te3 with Epitaxy-like Interfaces" Chemistry of Materials 19(4) pp 763 - 767 (2007).

Nancy Chen, Franck Gascoin, Eckhard Müller, Gabriele Karpinski, Christian Stiewe,
G. Jeffrey Snyder
, "Macroscopic Thermoelectric Inhomogeneities in
(AgSbTe2)x(PbTe)1-x Materials"
Appl. Phys. Lett. Vol 87, p.171903 (2005)

Physics of Thermal and Electrical Transport in Thermoelectric Materials

J. P. Heremans, V. Jovovic, E. S. Toberer, A. Saramat, K. Kurosaki , A. Charoenphakdee, S. Yamanaka and G. J. Snyder "Enhancement of Thermoelectric Efficiency in PbTe by Distortion of the Electronic Density of States" Science 321, 554 (2008)

A. F. May, Eric S. Toberer, Ali Saramat, G. J. Snyder “Characterization and analysis of thermoelectric transport in n-type BaGaGe” Physical Review B 80, 125205 (2009)

A. F. May, D. J. Singh, G. J. Snyder "Influence of band structure on the large thermoelectric performance of lanthanum telluride" Physical Review B 79, 153101 (2009)

A. F. May, J.-P. Fleurial, G. J. Snyder "Thermoelectric performance of lanthanum telluride produced via mechanical alloying" Physical Review B 78, 125205 (2008).

Yb14MnSb11 Thermoelectric Materials

E. S. Toberer, C. A. Cox, S. R. Brown, T. Ikeda, A. F. May, S. M. Kauzlarich, G. J. Snyder “Traversing the metal-insulator transition in a Zintl phase: Rational enhancement of thermoelectric efficiency in Yb14Mn1-xAlxSb11” Advanced Functional Materials, 18, 2795 (2008)

E. S. Toberer, S. R. Brown, T. Ikeda, S. M. Kauzlarich, G. J. Snyder "High thermoelectric efficiency in lanthanum doped Yb14MnSb11" Applied Physics Letters, 93, 062110 (2008).

S. R. Brown, E. S. Toberer, T. Ikeda, C. A. Cox, F. Gascoin, S. M. Kauzlarich, G. J. Snyder “Improved Thermoelectric Performance in Yb14Mn1-xZnxSb11 by the Reduction of Spin-Disorder Scattering” Chemistry of Materials, 20, 3412 (2008)

Shawna R. Brown, Susan M. Kauzlarich, Franck Gascoin, and G. Jeffrey Snyder
"Yb14MnSb11: New High Efficiency Thermoelectric Material for Power Generation"
Chem. Mater. 18, 1873 (2006)

New Thermoelectric Materials based on Zintl Phases

Eric S. Toberer, Alexandra Zevalkink, and G. Jeffrey Snyder “The Zintl compound Ca5Al2Sb6 for low cost thermoelectric power generation” Advanced Functional Materials (2010)

Eric S. Toberer, A. F. May, Brent C. Melot, Espen Flage-Larsen, G. J. Snyder “Electronic structure and transport in thermoelectric compounds AZn2Sb2 (A = Sr, Ca, Yb, Eu)” Dalton Trans. 39, p1046 (2010).

Franck Gascoin, Julia Rasmussen, and G. Jeffrey Snyder "High temperature thermoelectric properties of Mo3Sb7-xTex for x = 1.6 and 1.5" J. Alloys Compounds. 427, 324 (2007).

Franck Gascoin, Sandra Ottensmann, Daniel Stark, Sossina M. Haile, G. Jeffrey Snyder "Zintl Phases as Thermoelectric Materials: Tuned Transport Properties of the
Compounds CaxYb1-xZn2Sb2
Advanced Functional Materials,Vol 15, p1860 (2005)

Eric S. Toberer, Protima Rauwel, Sylvain Gariel, J. Taftø, and G. Jeffrey Snyder, "Composition and the thermoelectric performance of Zn4Sb3" Journal of Materials Chemistry (2010)

G. Jeffrey Snyder, Mogens Christensen, Eiji Nishibori, Thierry Caillat, Bo Brummerstedt Iversen "Disordered Zinc in Zn4Sb3 with Phonon Glass, Electron Crystal Thermoelectric Properties" Nature Materials, Vol 3, p 458-463 (2004)

Thermoelectric Device Physics

Snyder, G. J. "Application of the Compatibility Factor to the Design of Segmented and Cascaded Thermoelectric Generators" Appl. Phys. Lett. Vol 84, p. 2436 (2004)

G. Jeffrey Snyder, Tristan Ursell. "Thermoelectric efficiency and compatibility"
Physical Review Letters, Vol 91 p. 148301 (2003)

G. Jeffrey Snyder, James R. Lim, Chen-Kuo Huang, and Jean-Pierre Fleurial, "Thermoelectric microdevice fabricated by a MEMS-like electrochemical process." Nature Materials, Vol 2, p 528-531 (2003)

Magnetic and Magnetoresistive Compounds

G. Jeffrey Snyder, “Magnetic and Electronic Transport Properties of Lanthanum Calcium Manganite” Thesis, Stanford university department of applied physics, June 1997.

G. J. Snyder, R. Hiskes, S. DiCarolis, M. R. Beasley and T. H. Geballe. “Magnetoconductivity and Hall Effects in La.67Ca.33MnO3Applied Physics Letters Vol. 69, p. 4254 (1996).

G. J. Snyder, R. Hiskes, S. DiCarolis, M. R. Beasley and T. H. Geballe. “Intrinsic Electrical Transport and Magnetic Properties of La.67Ca.33MnO3 and La.67Sr.33MnO3: A Study of Thin Films Grown Epitaxially by MOCVD” Physical Review B Vol. 53, p. 14434 (1996).

G. J. Snyder, C. Booth, F. Bridges, R. Hiskes, S. DiCarolis, M. R. Beasley and T. H. Geballe. “Local Structure, Transport and Rare Earth Magnetism in the Ferrimagnetic Perovskite Gd.67Ca.33MnO3Physical Review B Vol. 55, p. 6453 (1997).    


Solid State Chemistry
G. Jeffrey Snyder and Arndt Simon. “Discrete M6N Octahedra in the Subnitrides Na16Ba6N and Ag16Ca6N: A Reconsideration of the Ag8Ca3 Structure Type” Angewandte Chemie 106, p. 713 (1994), in German; Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English 30, p. 689 (1994)
G. Jeffrey Snyder and Arndt Simon. “The Infinite Chain Nitride Na5Ba3N. A One-Dimensional Void Metal?” Journal of the American Chemical Society 117, p. 1996 (1995).

G. Jeffrey Snyder, Michael E. Badding, and F. J. DiSalvo. “Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Ba6Co25S27: A Perovskite-like Superstructure of Co8S6 and Ba6S Clusters” Inorganic Chemistry 31, p. 2107 (1992).


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